Why Would Parkour Be A Good Skill To Have?

Posted: March 19, 2012 by garrettandparkour in Uncategorized

Why would Parkour be a good skill to have? The reason is three fold, first; you have the ability to escape in a real life chase. Where as if you didn’t know Parkour you would probably not get very far. The second is the fitness, strength, and character you build. You will enjoy your life a hundred times more if you eat healthy and are fit, and if you pushed your self to become better. And thirdly the philosophy of parkour, if you embrace this you will find it not only apply’s to parkour but to the rest of life. The philosophy that nothing is impossible, and that you can overcome any obstacle with practice. I myself was very skeptical when I watched the Parkour scene in James Bond Casino Royale, I said yea right, hes got a harness and cables to make him do that stuff. But after searching the web I found it to be totally possible and true.  When you see Parkour it makes you realize the things you thought were only in movies are actually real, and not only real but attainable. So If you embrace the philosophy of parkour, you embrace the possibility of incredible feats in other areas of your life. So all around Parkour has good benefits, physically, mentally, and even in your daily life it helps. Parkour was originally called Lu-art du-placement, basically it means overcoming obstacles, the art of displacing obstacles.

Here’s a video of the founder of Parkour, hes played in several movies and many commercials. You will be amazed after you watch this, and during as well.


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